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Dr. Gupta & Team at Acme Dental Lounge are specialized in treating all forms of gum diseases, bleeding gums , swollen gums, painful gums mainly gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) a common infection that begins with the bacterial accumulation in the mouth, and periodontitis (pyorrhea), the advanced stage of gingivitis that destroys the fibers, connective tissue and supporting bone that hold the teeth in your mouth which can lead to tooth loss. We have different treatment approaches available to treat gum diseases and gum reshaping procedures to replace missing bones and gums. Depending upon the conditions of teeth Dr. Gupta at Acme Dental Lounge will suggest you the following procedure require in your condition .like….

● Scaling & polishing
● Deep cleaning
● Deep curettage procedure
● Root planning
● Bone grafting
● Flap surgery
● Gum shaping / gum surgery
● Gingivectomy
● Splinting
● Many more

So if you know someone who has gum problem like bleeding gums, swollen gums, so Dr. Gupta & team at Acme Dental Lounge can solve your problem & make you smile again.