What is teeth whitening?

Tooth whitening, or “teeth bleaching," is the process of lightening and brightening the colour of human teeth. Teeth whitening is often desirable when teeth have yellowed over time for a variety of reasons and can be accomplished by altering the intrinsic or extrinsic colour of tooth enamel. The chemical breakdown of chromogens in or on teeth is called bleaching.

Here are some reasons why you might want to get teeth whitening treatment:

There are multiple reasons why you might get a teeth whitening treatment. With the ages & dietary habits of food & drinks ( such as tea, coffee, red wine, turmeric diet, etc )our teeth become discoloured & stained. Smoking is also one of the major factors in tooth staining. Some people may have staining under their tooth surfaces due to certain antibiotic coverage or other medications. Some crack lines present in the teeth may take up some stains and cause discolouration of the tooth surface. Calculus and plaque formation are also major factors that affect the discolouration of teeth.

What are the ingredients used in a tooth-whitening product?

The “active ingredient" in the tooth whitening product is usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. As the active ingredient is broken down, oxygen gets into the enamel on the teeth and makes it lighter.

As a rule of thumb, you should be careful when choosing a product, especially if you have sensitive gums and/or loose teeth. The best way to avoid any harm to your mouth is by consulting with your dentist first before purchasing any bleaching products.

What is an in-office and At-Home teeth-whitening treatment?

In-office teeth whitening

During the (clinic / in-office)teeth whitening procedure, a rubber dam is placed over your teeth to protect your gums from the bleaching agents, and a bleaching agent is applied to your teeth surfaces. Then laser light is shown on the teeth surfaces to activate the chemical, which speeds up the reaction of the bleaching agent and more quickly causes the colour change to be seen. Office whitening is said to make teeth up to 4 to 5 shades lighter than normal.

At-Home teeth whitening

Your dentist will provide you with a custom-made tray and bleaching gel for your at-home teeth whitening procedure. He will give you instructions on how to place the whitening gel in the tray and for how much duration of time you have to load the tray and keep it in your mouth, and he will guide you through the interval period when and how you have to use the material and procedure. This may be a preferred option if you feel more comfortable whitening at your own home. It may be a slower way, but with regular practice and proper technique, you will get results.

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How much do teeth whitening treatments cost in Pune?

The total cost of treatment depends on how long it takes and what kind of material is used. We have seen all types of materials being used by our patients, who have been using them for years without any problems or side effects when it comes to their gums and teeth. It is important that you let us know what kind of material you want so that we can provide it for you.

Charges will vary from dentist to dentist and area to area. Office whitening will be more expensive than a home bleaching/whitening procedure. We would always recommend going to the standard clinic for a teeth-whitening treatment.

How long does tooth whitening last?

Teeth whitening effects will vary from person to person. It lasts longer, but its effect is less likely to last as long as you have a continuous intake of eating or drinking products that can stain your teeth, especially if you smoke.

What are the side effects of teeth whitening?

Some people may complain of sensitive teeth with cold and hot drinks during or after the treatment. Some may have a little discomfort in the gums, a sore throat, or white patches on the gum line. These temporary symptoms usually disappear within a few days of the treatment, as there is a cleaning of micropores done during the whitening procedure.

If any of these side effects continue, you should consult your dentist for proper suggestions and medications.

What is the post-operative care for a teeth-whitening treatment?

You can maintain your shining & whitening teeth by cutting down the quantity of food and drink intake that may cause teeth staining. Stopping smoking can also help to prevent discolouration and staining.


We recommend the subsequent tips for to require care of your teeth:

  1. Brush your teeth daily a minimum of 2 times one morning and one night.
  2. Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks. try to maintain a balanced diet & less stained diet.
  3. Visit your dentist regularly after 6 months for a regular check-up
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