Happy Patient Stories

Dr. Ashish & Dr. Vishu are professional’s and know their job’s very well. Their clinic is superbly maintained.Highly recommended for all Dental related concerns.
Sameer Iftekhari
My experience in this entire process of treatment was quite awesome. I visited clinic for crown treatment. Dr. Gupta in every setting handles me so diligently that it makes me
feel that I am in an expert’s hand. I was so thankful to him to save me from that unbearable pain from the first sitting itself.
Once you visit his clinic, you’ll fell in love with the cleanliness and hygiene of the area. The clinic is well equipped with all the advanced instruments. Soothing music, well trained and friendly staff all together makes the experience unforgettable.
As you once said during a light discussion that every patient is important and special for you. Thank you so much doctor for treating me special.
Aundh, Pune
I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Gupta & his team. I’ve had everything from cleanings to canal treatment done at Acme Dental Lounge & now have an awesome new smile thanks to them. They explained to me the costs in detail before and after each visit so there were no surprises financially, the place is extremely clean, and the dental work has been outstanding.
Sachet Sharma
Very happy with our experience at Acme Dental Care, Aundh, Pune. Dr. Gupta came across as a very confident and an affectionate person handling patients of all age groups. She made sure that my daughter was happy and confident with her smile. She showed genuine concern and I cannot thank her enough for being so polite and being very professional. All the staff at Acme Dental was very professional and I would like to take a moment to thanks every one of you for making my daughter & I feel comfortable during this experience.
Sucharitaa Iyengar
Dr. Gupta is the most knowledgeable doctor in his field. I have never met a doctor who is so caring, kind, and compassionate about his work. I had done my extraction & implant procedure & crown all with Dr. Gupta.It was a wonderful experience over here for my implant and crown settings.Doctors took great care of me so that I have a comfortable & pleasant experience.I would recommend this clinic to anyone who wants to have painless dentistry experience.Thank you so much, Dr. Gupta, Acme Dental Lounge, Pune. I am extremely satisfied with all of his work. He cares about your results and your comfort. I would recommend him 100% percent and am ever so grateful to him.
Dr. Vikas
Aundh, Pune
My Daughter loves to visit Dr. Gupta’s.All her fears of
“going to the dentist” have been gone. Eva was very scared
when we told her that she needs to get filling done.After her
1st visit … she said it was a lovely experience and always for
her next appointment she gets ready with her
matching clips with her dress, which is the biggest compliment
for us as parents that we have chosen the right doctor for her
treatment. Thank you so much Acme Dental Lounge, Aundh, Pune for love and care.
My most loved ones are cured in Acme Dental Lounge, aundh, Pune. My son when he was just 8 yrs young & now my mom.
My mom had severe issues with the wrong treatment done at other clinic. We thought she may need to remove the teeth. She had severe pain and was taking medicines for 2 months. Dr. Vishu and Dr. Ashish did her multiple X-rays and figured out the solution. I was impressed by how they explained to me the details of the issues. Her 5 root canals were done in Acme Dental Lounge. within 1 month she was all good. Their affectionate behavior and being so patient makes them different. From all, along with treatment if the patient gets care and love from the doctor then treatment does magic. That’s what happened in both cases. I think both are knowledgeable and great doctors.
Soni Bhat
I love Acme dental lounge,Pune. They are friendly helpful and informative… My whole family and my kids are visiting Dr. Gupta’s clinic for more than 2 years. We always receive great service and appreciate their attention and good quality work.
Sarah Bhagwani
Pune, Maharashtra
Dr Gupta did a great job on my teeth. His craftsmanship speaks for itself. I visited for cosmetic facing build-up & results were just outstanding. The prices were lower than expected, and service was prompt & high-grade level. If you are looking for dental treatment in very less pain, then you should visit Acme dental lounge, Aundh, Pune.
This dental practice is just amazing. They are professional,
compassionate, and knowledgeable. I had not been visited the dentist since long and was nervous about my pain for getting extraction done. The prices were lower than expected and painless extraction treatment done with proper follow-ups & care. Thank you so much for making this a positive experience!
Ritu Bhatia
I’m writing on behalf of my mother. I scheduled her appointment and when she came back all I heard from her (thank you for finding me this dentist, they are the best. The doctor and the staff are amazing)
to thank you all
Shashi Anand
Everyone was friendly, nice and very professional. I had a cosmetic crown work is done. It was painless and quick. If you need to go to the dentist, I recommend Acme dental clinic,Aundh, Pune.
Usha Kiran